When life blooms - Breathe with Jeppe Hein

When life blooms - Breathe with Jeppe Hein / Når livet blomster - Breathe with Jeppe Hein

In When life blooms, the philosopher Finn Janning describes the spiritual development of the artist Jeppe Hein.
The book records some of the lines where Jeppe's own life, life as such and art intersect and thereby enrich each other. Hereby showing how art can help us organize our lives better because it tell us something about ourselves.
When life blooms is a philosophical nonfictional novel. In the first parts of the book, Jeppe is placed within the cultural and philosophical trends of contemporary society's. This part make up for seeing life as a casestudy, that is to say the personal is transformed into something generally. The closer the story gets to Jeppe, the more universal it becomes. The flourishing lies in the fact that it is not only about me getting to know myself better, but also how I may take care of myself - and the others, in order to get better at living together.
When life blooms is  a philosophical, where breathing ends up being the protagonist.

Strandberg Publishing

Author: Finn Janning

Editor: Finn Janning and Jeppe Hein

Managing editor: Wiebke Petersen

Design: All the Way to Paris

ISBN 978-87-93604-42-1 (UK)

ISBN 978-87-93604-41-4 (DK)


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