Jeppe Hein and his wife Silke published a poetical children's book that celebrates life and diversity.

AYA is an artistic and poetic children's book that deals with overcoming the challenges you face in life - and how to live in the world, even if you are not quite like everyone else.

In the book you follow the butterfly larva Aya, which comes into life a little skewed. She happily meets a friendly beetle who lovingly helps her on the way. Slowly, she gets to her feet and begins to take the world at her own pace. With sharpened senses she experiences her surroundings and grows bigger and bigger - until one day she looks like a big beautiful butterfly.

The touching tale comes from the internationally recognized artist Jeppe Hein and his wife Silke's oldest Daughter's difficult start to life, where birth complications led to the lifelong handicap of the newborn girl. But sadness is followed by care -  fortunately - and with hope, will and love you can fight through the greatest misfortune.

AYA celebrates diversity, encourages you to be ressourcefull and seize the moment. The story is created by Silke and Jeppe Hein's colorful abstract watercolours and collages. AYA is the first children's book of Jeppe and Silke Hein.

The text is written by children's editor Elisabeth Kiertzner in close dialogue with Jeppe and Silke Hein

Graphic Design: All the Way to Paris

Published by Strandberg Publishing