Untamed Breath

Untamed Breath

Quest for the Real You


You are the living breath and your journey is the amazing story of awakening to light, love, and power.

This epic adventure is uniquely embodied in your footsteps and the new way you forge. No one will ever be able to walk the path like you, and no matter how many guiding principles you follow, life will reveal itself intimately to you, and teach you to sing your song of freedom, heart, and joy.


This book is a quest for the real you.

It is offered as an inspiration to your inner core, and reveals simple yet profound portals to unfolding your innocent wildness and gentle power.

Author: Søren Hauge, Illustrations by Jeppe Hein

Graphic design: haugereitz.dk

Printing: toptryk.dk

Editor: Danko Szabó

Publisher: forlag.wiseheart.dk

Edition 1: Limited edition / 500pcs

EAN: 9788799539857

ISBN: 978-87-99539857


If you want to purchase the book, please send us an email: info@jeppehein.net