Breathe with Me

Breathe with Me. An art project by Jeppe Hein and ART 2030.


Breathe with Me is a large-scale public participatory artwork for the entire world that invites audiences to paint their own individual "breath". Every breath will take the form of painted blue parallel lines on the artworks' canvas walls: each line for an exhale.


Breathe with Me is a work that is both deeply personal, and also a work that touches on many aspects of our lives, and the lives of our entire planet.

Guided by the act of breathing, the participation invites audiences to reflect on themselves and the world around them. With all participant's painted "breaths" gathered together, the artwork visualizes not only our individual awareness of ourselves, but also our communities, societies, and environment. Altogether, Breathe with Me is a collective breath for the world.

United Nations Headquaters, NY, USA

21-24 September 2019


Central Park, NY, USA

25-27 September 2019


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