Moderna Museet

Who are you ... really?

May 21 - August 28, 2022

Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden



Photos: Åsa Lundén




Who are you ... really? was not an exhibition in the traditional sense. Instead of shipping works to Moderna Museet, the entire exhibition was produced on site, interacting with the building, the collection – and the visitors.


In front of the museum, the water pavilion Space in Circles allowed relaxing and playful joy, the wavy wall around it asked visitors to leave their breath or face of how they feel like.

In the museum’s long collection corridor, seven rooms were created that relate in colour and form to the seven chakras, energy points arranged vertically along the axial channel of the body:

I am, I feel, I do, I love, I speak, I see and I understand.

Here, visitors were invited to take part in simple workshops on the themes of each room intended as a guidance to connect to oneself.

In the collection, four spaces offered visitors to paint directly on the museum’s walls or closely watch themselves in the mirrors lend by Stockholmers for the show.