Maruani Mercier

Jeppe Hein: When You Close Your Eyes What Do You See?

August 5 - September 10, 2023

Maruani Mercier, Knokke, Belgium


Photos: Dave Bruel

The ocean always appealed to me and inspired me in many ways. When it's calm and its surface smooth, it reflects like a mirror; when set in motion by the wind, ever-changing structures emerge. Its colours range from sky blue, to orange-red when drenched by the sunset, to nocturnal black. The motion of the waves reminds me of how our breath flows through our bodies and the rhythm of life.  Jeppe Hein


We are pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Danish artist Jeppe Hein, presenting iconic works that riff on themes of introspection, togetherness, and play. Signature mirrored works and mind-bending installations are coupled with murals depicting blue waves, painted with the guidance of the artist's breath, uniting temporality, imagination, and flow. With the gallery space set in motion, Hein offers us a way to see the world from an infinite amount of perspectives. Two of his iconic benches––one placed on the Zeedijk boardwalk, and the other inside the Kustlaan gallery––invite visitors to interact with the whimsical structures that offer more than a place to sit. He compels us to dream, asking us: WHEN YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES, WHAT DO YOU SEE?