Project Room: Jeppe Hein

303 Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition by Jeppe Hein featuring his latest balloon sculptures. Known for pushing the boundaries of perception, Hein’s mirror balloon installations encourage dialogue between the work and the viewer through interaction. Premiering Hein's new series titled Together we will touch the sky, the balloons, now piled up, confront the viewer in a new perspective. Dynamic and reflective, kaleidoscopic stacks charm, dealing in wonderment and the joyous upheaval of expectation. Overhead and on the walls are other adaptations on Hein’s recognizable balloon sculptures, which harbor no gas within; instead, they are meticulously crafted from fiberglass with a gleaming chrome surface, exuding an ethereal beauty and fragility. Suspended from the ceiling they seem to sway gently in the breeze, engaging viewers to contemplation and curiosity.

22 February - 5 May, 2024

303 GALLERY, New York, USA

Photo: Justin Craun