Did I miss something

The work Did I Miss Something is an outdoor installation consisting of a fountain structure in the lake of a public park. On the shore of the lake, a bench is positioned. When a visitor sits down on the bench, he acts as catalyst causing an enormous, oversized jet of water to shoot up out of the lake. Since the fountain stops its activity when the visitor leaves the bench, he or she becomes conscious of somehow having caused this powerful impact on the environment. The experience of this sudden reaction in the surrounding landscape is startling and almost frightening.

Year: 2001
Materials: Wood, steel, electricity, water jet, electrical pumps, pontoons, technical apparatus
Dimensions: Bench: 44,5 x 123 x 43 cm, fountain height: 20 m

F20 P01 Frankfurter Positionen 2001, Frankfurt am Main, D, 2001
Graz Zweitausenddrei Kulturhauptstadt Europas, Graz, A, 2003
Estuaire, Nantes, F, 2007-2011

Permanent installations:
Österreichischer Skulpturenpark Graz, A
Camp Reinsehlen, DE
Nantes, FR