Mirror Labyrinth Kraus Residence

The form of the Mirror Labyrinth Kraus Residence is derived from a graphic transformation, of the estate’s perimeter, resulting in three irregular concentric lines of mirror lamellae. The height of the lamellae increases from the outer ring to the inner ring of the labyrinth, thus creating an ascending form. The mirrored surfaces reflect not only the viewers and their surroundings, but also the adjacent mirrors. Physical space is visible in the gap between the vertical lamellae, and is inserted between the mirror images. The multifaceted reflection therefore produces a fragmented view of the space, surrounding the viewer with an unfamiliar and disorienting environment similar to that of a labyrinth.

Year: 2008
Materials: metal frame, high-polished steel (super mirror), aluminium, zinced metal
Dimensions: 15,50 x 13,70 m; height: 2,40 m

Permanent installation at Kraus Residence, New York, USA, 2008