Place de la Fleur

Place de la Fleur is a water pavilion in the form of a flower, commissioned by the city of Lorient in France as part of a city initiative to stimulate new development along one of the city’s central axis. The water pavilion is situated in the centre of an open space, employing submerged sensors to track visitors’ proximity and activate the water architecture upon approach. The plaza acquires a new character both formally and functionally due to the fountain’s central position, yet it is able to maintain its basic character. When necessary, the fountain may be deactivated to allow various other programmatic uses of the large public space.

Year: 2006
Materials: Water, wood, stainless steel, nozzles, electrical pumps, sensors
Dimensions: ø 12 m, Height: 2,30 m

Permanent installation at Lorient, FR, 2006