Double Exposure Blue

Two mirror light-objects are installed in the glazed staircase of KPMG’s main entrance, each composed of blue neon tubes mounted on both sides of an elongated octagonal mirror. The individual objects are aligned with the slope of the stairs and thus emphasize the definition of the levels. By reflecting the surroundings, the hanging objects repeat and multiply the properties of the space. Viewed from a specific angle, the reflection of the neon tubes in the mirror creates the illusion of a three-dimensional object with tapered lines of neon light, accentuating a pentagonal structure in the upper half of the mirror. The installation heightens the sense of movement and extends the perception of the space into a new dimension. Visitors can only experience the ever-changing objects by walking upstairs and/or downstairs, making their active participation a requirement in experiencing the full scope of the pieces.

Year: 2010 (Year of completion 2011)
Materials: neon tubes, mirror, metal substructure
Dimensions: 2 objects, each 90 x 80 cm; height: 1,50 m

Permanent installation at KPMG Flintholm, Copenhagen, DK, 2011