Spaces Between Trees and People

An accessible water pavilion is positioned in the forecourt of the Pasing Arcaden in Munich, harmoniously integrated between the trees. Defined by water walls shooting up from jets in the ground, the water pavilion provides various spatial configurations that emphasize the quality of the spaces between the trees and provide places of contemplative silence or pure joy. Controlled by a computer program, the water pavilion continuously changes its shape and structure. The water walls randomly rise and fall - some fluctuate between large rooms and small spaces, narrow corridors and wide openings, while others remain constant and offer enclosed places of contemplation. Visitors are able to move within the structure from space to space, finding themselves inside differently shaped spaces or suddenly outside of the enclosure. The outline of the water pavilion is derived from the shape of the leaves found on the surrounding trees, thus reflecting the landscape architecture that defines the area. At the same time, the pavilion is a free artistic form, playfully embedded in the architectural and urban environment.

Year: 2013
Materials: Water, jets, pumps, iron grating, granulate material, programmed control; powder-coated aluminium bench
Dimensions: Water Pavilion: 2,30 x 22 x 23 m; bench: 44 x 200 x 190 cm

Permanent installation at Munich-Pasing, DE