Reflecting Frequencies

In the first foyer above the stairwell, a circular mirror is slowly turning around its centre point. While ascending the stairs, visitors look up and see reflections of the upper and lower foyer connected within the mirror installation. The reflecting surface is uniform at the centre, but breaks down in a gradient of fragmented pieces as it approaches the outer edge. Its appearance thus resembles a frequency wave—starting calm at the centre, it then becomes more intense before calming down again at the perimeter. The mirror is framed by an orange neon light that illuminates the installation and bathes the space in warm light. Furthermore, the orange light accentuates the situation of the foyer within the surrounding context, making it visible from outside the wall of windows. As visitors leave the building they look back and observe the installation from outside while remembering its appearance inside.

Year: 2014
Materials: High polished stainless steel, aluminium, neon tubes, transformers, electrical motor
Dimension: ø760 cm

Permanent installation at House of Music, Aalborg, Denmark