Reflecting Gardens

Three lines of triangular mirror lamellae placed equal distances apart create a circular concentric effect that invites visitors to approach the artwork. The outline of the sculpture originates from three overlapping leaves. The height of the lamellae varies from the outside to the inside, thus creating an ascending form. The sculpture can be entered from three sides, as the distance between the lines offers enough space to walk along the installation.

With the alternation between reflections of the viewer, the location in the mirror lamellae, and views to the outside – be it an interior or exterior space – offered by the openings between them, a blurred perception of space arises. Reality and reflection combine to produce an unfamiliar and disorientating situation similar to the experience in a labyrinth that is increased by the movement of the viewer.

Visitors will be surrounded by the green of the park as if in a room in the garden. Walking through the reflecting sculpture intensifies their awareness of nature and offers them an uncommon experience of the Gardens of the World as well as an unexpected dialogue with others.

Year: 2017
Dimensions: 295 x 938 x 914 cm
Materials: high-polished stainless steel, aluminium

Permanent installation for IGA Berlin 2017 at Gärten der Welt, Berlin, Germany