Modified Social Benches for Lemvig

Out of investigating architecture, communication, and social behaviour in the urban space, a series of bench designs was born under the common title Modified Social Benches. The bench designs borrow their basic form from the ubiquitous park or garden bench, but are altered to various degrees to make the act of sitting a conscious physical endeavour. Three individually shaped Modified Social Benches in a bright red orange are spread around Lemvig harbour. In some places the bench sinks into the ground, gently ascending elsewhere, thus creating the impression of running underground. Each bench offers a place to sit and a back to lean at. But unlike usual benches, they consist of elongated, winding, rapidly rising or falling lines of seating with high arches, sharp bends and a loop. With their modification, the benches not only offer an opportunity to sit down and relax, but also promote conversation between users and viewers, visitors and locals, lending the work active characteristics and social qualities. At the same time, each bench has its own sculptural quality, thus inviting the viewer to look at it while exploring the area.

Year: 2017
Materials: Powder-coated seawater resistant stainless steel
Modified Social Bench for Lemvig I: 178 x 499 x 99 cm
Modified Social Bench for Lemvig III (A): 138 x 831 x 206 cm
Modified Social Bench for Lemvig III (B): 228 x 512 x 44 cm 

Permanent installation at Lemvig Havn, Denmark