Modified Social Benches Elsass Foundation

Six individually shaped Modified Social Benches in a bright yellow are spread around the park of The Elsass Foundation. In some places the bench sinks into the ground, gently ascending elsewhere, thus creating the impression of running underground. Each bench offers a place to sit and a back to lean at. But unlike usual benches, they consist of elongated, winding, rapidly rising or falling lines of seating with high arches, sharp bends and a loop.

Their yellow colour sets the benches apart from the green of the park and makes them visible from afar. Yellow is also associated with the light and the sun, thus the yellow benches give the park a gentle brightness and welcome the visitors kindly in every season.

Year: 2019
Materials: Powder-coated aluminium
Dimensions: 6 benches, dimensions variable

Permanent installation at The Elsass Foundation, Charlottenlund, Denmark