Gravity Mirror Pavilion & Sun, Moon and the Earth

Right in front of the LIFE building, stands a mirror pavilion with 75 mirror columns organized on three spiraling tracks forming an enclosed space at their center. This form refers to our galaxy, the Milkyway. It has a gravitational pivot around which everything else is turning. Like the black hole at the core of our galaxy attracts the stars, the sculpture will have a strong drag on the people passing by on their way to or from the building. In return, the people interacting with the sculpture can be considered the stars in this setup. With the smile, they get from their interaction with the sculpture and the others, they go into their program for the day or leave the place with a positive experience that can change their lives and that will surely make them glow.

Three mirror discs of different sizes and different surface structures are suspended from trees in the forest. They swing and turn in the wind. Thus, the discs are embedded in a reference system of forces defining their behavior.
The triad of sun, earth, and the moon are also exposed to forces on another scale. These are mainly gravitational forces. Although the trajectories of three bodies with their respective gravitational fields cannot be predicted precisely, our planetary system is in a quasi balance nevertheless. And it maintains this through movement. The three discs also form a balanced triad with their individual rotation and the reflections of their counterparts, the surroundings, and the viewers.




Gravity Mirror Pavilion:

Year: 2021

Materials:  high polish mirror, substructure, high grade steel

Dimensions: 740 x 740 x 280 cm


Sun, Moon and the Earth:

Year: 2021

Materials: high polish stainleess steel

Dimensions: each mirror ø 100 cm



Permanent installation LIFE Campus, Kongens Lyngby, Denmark

Photos by Rasmus Hjortshoej and LIFE Fonden