Balance of Now

Mobiles are very delicate constructs. They consist of a balanced set of objects, maintaining entropy by adapting to the changing forces and energies they are exposed to. The interdependencies of elements don’t allow for even tiny changes in any influencing factor without changing the balance and the appearance of the whole thing.


In comparison, a judge also has to balance the interests of the different court case parties in a similar way. The laws of physics acting on the mobile, are what the legal laws are for the judge. In both cases, it is about informed reactions to the given forces, as to reconfigure and to find the right balance. In a more and more complex world, the process of balancing interests has also become more complex, and this greater complexity is reflected in the form of the sculpture. 


Balance of Nowhas two tiers, and three spatial objects with two interlocking discs each. The number three was important in the design process. Jutitia carries three elements: Scale, sword, and blindfold. The three objects suspended from the scale-like crossbars represent this. Driven by motors, the elements move around in the space.


The ever-changing constellations achieved through the moving mobile will perpetually open up new perspectives for the people in the court building and change the way they are looking at it. Also, the mirror material would reflectthemselves and firmly place them back into the context of the institutional and discursive space they are in with their body and mind.


With great calm, it will collect and reflect all these feelings coming together in the court building right at its core.



High-polished stainless steel, stainless steel, aluminium, drive units

H 12,37 x W 6,97m (V1), H 12,75 x 9,71m (V2), diamter 3,00 m (V3)

4 mirror objects: ø 120 cm; ø 130 cm; ø 140 cm; ø 147 cm


Permanent installation at Østre Landsret Copenhagen, Denmark

Photos by Joakim Zueger