Balance of Time


A large, mirror sphere slowly circles the perimeter of a building’s rooftop. Seemingly in constant danger of rolling off, the ball somehow remains balanced along the edge. The reflective surface draws the viewer closer, eager to understand the precarious motions of the object and to enoy the thrill.


The sphere’s journey takes one hour, positioning itself at the corner of Frederiksberg Allé and Platanvej every 60 minutes. It thematizes life as a balance between control and letting go; bringing the different forces of life into harmony.


As a tribute to the rest of the iconic avenue’s sequence of towers, Balance of Time is placed on the roof of the building on Frederiksberg Allé 41, thereby engaging in a dialogue with the other towers along the avenue, which are reflected in the artwork’s surface.



High polished stainless steel, steel

ø ball: 240 cm

Permanent installation at Frederiksberg Alle 41, Copenhagen, Denmark


Photo credits:

Barsk / Joakim Züger

Livia Banović