Water Pavilion Norra Djurgårdsstaden

The basic idea for Water Pavilion Norra Djurgårdsstaden was a flowing wall of water winding its way along the place. It can be seen as a complement to the angular design of the surrounding area and a way to relate it to the idea of a natural space on Bobergs Plats.

The water walls are divided into segments that are pre-programmed to move up and down in a choreographed pattern. Thus, several layers and tempos occur moving in different rhythms throughout the water pavilion, which sets the mode of the particular space and enriches the spatial feeling. In some parts the walls are almost always up creating a calm, meditative space. In other parts the shifts between up and down are more frequent provoking a playful and interactive use of the installation. By surrounding the water sculpture with trees, spaces in between occur. The impact of the water sculpture reach further out than to its immediate extents. Each side of the sculpture has a different relation to its surrounding trees. From spaces with an open charachter with just a single tree as a point of definition, to narrow intimate spaces formed by trees and water walls. The intention of the water sculpture is to create a vital place in the public space. It is therefore important for the sculpture to have a natural relation to its context and to play an active role in the area. The water sculpture is supplemented by trees to mirror the parks and river at Strandplatsen and the greater Norra Djurgården park-area. In this way the sculpture becomes a natural part of its surroundings in general and the green axis running through Norra Djurgårdsstaden in particular.

Year: 2017
Material: water, jets, pumps, iron grating, stainless steel, nozzles, electrical pumps,
programmed control
Dimensions: 230 x 1149 x 1546 cm

Permanent installation at Bobergsplats, Stockholm, Sweden


Photos: Studio Jeppe Hein