Broken Mirror Cubes

Explicitly quoting the “Mirrored Cubes” of minimalist artist Robert Morris, this artwork challenges the clear aesthetics of the four mirrored cubes placed in a gallery. Unlike Morris’ cubes, the “Broken Mirrored Cubes” stand densely packed, separated only by a narrow gap. Their surfaces reflect the wall and also the floor of the space, causing the cubes to appear transparent from a certain viewpoint. In an additional, irritating contrast, their splintered surface fragments the reflections on the cubes, breaking the clean, smooth elegance of the mirrored planes.

Year: 2005
Materials: wood, mirror, silicon
Dimensions: 4 cubes, each 50 x 50 x 50 cm

New Minimal, La Salle de bains, Lyon, FR, 2005
Minimal Overload, Johann König Gallery, Berlin, DE, 2005
FLUX, Illuminate Productions, London, UK, 2005
Kit-O-Parts, CAN Neuchâtel, CH, 2006