Moving Neon Cube

Moving Neon Cube consists of twelve neon cubes chained together in the shape of a large square on the ground. The cubes are angled at their junctions so as to give the impression that one cube is turning from one side to the next until it ends up on the same side as it started out from. The individual cubes light up momentarily in turn so that it looks as if a glowing cube were actually moving through the square in a continuous loop.

Year: 2004
Materials: Neon tubes, transformer
Dimensions: 70 x 250 x 250 cm

Connected Presence - Jeppe Hein/Johannes Wohnseifer, Union Gallery, London, UK, 2004
Light Lab, MUSEION Museum of Contemporary Art, Bolzano, IT, 2005
This Way, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, DE, 2015
An Imagined Museum, works from the Centre Pompidou, the Tate and the MMK, MMK, Frankfurt am Main, DE, 2016
Light in darkness, ARKEN Museum of Modern Art, Isøj, DK, 2017