Self Destructing Wall

A large wooden wall is erected in a space, almost blocking the entry. Slowly, the metal structure within the wooden wall starts to move, pushing it against the wall of the space like an accordion until the wood splinters and breaks, thus entirely destroying the wall. In the beginning more than four metres long, the wall ends up at approximately 50 cm in length after one day, leaving splintered wood on the floor that gives the room a somewhat rough appearance that will be kept until the end of the exhibition.

Year: 2003
Materials: plywood, motor, metal skeleton, paint
Dimensions variable

Jeppe Hein, ROR Gallery, Helsinki, FI, 2003
This exhibition is in some way a contribution to the beauty, the ugliness, the stupidity and the cheerfulness in life, Sies + Höke Gallery, Düsseldorf, DE, 2006