Continuity Inbetween

The work is an architectural installation creating a space within a space. It is made up of two convex walls bending inwards into the space, each with a small hole of ten centimetres and connected from one wall to the other by a continuously flowing jet of water with a diameter of two centimetres. The jet is close to straight horizontally and stretches over three metres, creating a fantastic scene difficult to grasp for the viewer. Although engineered by means of a basic calculation of the laws of speed and gravity, visitors seem to need to verify its possibility by tactile investigation.

Year: 2002
Materials: Water, pipeline, electrical pump, sensor
Dimensions variable

Art Statements (Michael Neff Gallery), Art 33 Basel, Basel, CH, 2002
SCAI – The Bathhouse, Tokyo, JP, 2007
Sense City, ARoS Kunstmuseum, Aarhus, DK, 2009
This Way, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, DE, 2015
Roppongi Art Night annual event of Mori Art Museum, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, JP, 2016