Enlightenment is a series of neon light objects in various shapes that bathe the space in strong white neon light. The forms of the objects and the clear light they emit pulls the public into the space towards them, but when one closes in on the fascinating objects, they suddenly go out and stop glowing, leaving the visitor’s curiosity somewhat dissatisfied. When moving away from the objects, they light up again and regain their seductive presence.

Year: 2002
Materials: Neon tube, transformer, plexiglass, sensor
Dimensions: Ø 55 cm

Fuzzy, Massimo Minini Gallery, Brescia, IT, 2002
Inngrepp, Uppsala Kunstmuseum, SE, 2002
aufgeschraubt und abgestaubt II - Die Sammlung im Prozess der Neupräsentation, Ludwig Forum, Aachen, DE, 2003
Sammlung Plum, Museum Kurhaus Kleve, DE, 2004
Galerie Faouedic, Lorient, FR, 2006
Sense City, ARoS Kunstmuseum, Aarhus, DK, 2009
Der flexible Plan, das Rokoko in der Gegenwartkunst, Museum Morsbroich, DE, 2018