Independent Pedestal

As seen in every exhibition venue, the pedestals for presenting objects and highlighting a certain work of art are inseparable from the notion of art institutions. Somehow without value in itself apart from its supporting gesture, the pedestal seems to have taken on a life on its own in the work Independent Pedestal. Unrecognizably and as slowly as ten centimeters per minute, it wanders off from its original position. Limited to movement back and forth along a straight line, with the possibility to preprogram its movement distance within the room, it constantly repositions itself within the exhibition space.

Year: 2002
Materials: Wood, steel, white paint, wheels, battery, electrical motor, technical apparatus
Dimensions: 100 x 40 x 40 cm

Attraction/Repulsion, GfZK Leipzig, DE, 2004
Baby Shower, Nicolai Wallner Gallery, Copenhagen, DK, 2005
The Freak Show, Musée d’art contemporain Lyon, FR, 2007