Long Modified Bench Murau

A series of different benches create an imaginary line meandering along a plaza in Murau. As if running underground, the benches intermittently sink into the ground and gently ascend elsewhere. The bench designs borrow their basic form from the typical park bench, however, unlike ordinary benches, the line of seating is elongated into multiple visually connected segments, rising and bending with high arches and sharp turns. Their curved and unconventional forms offer not only an opportunity to relax, but also promote conversation between visitors, lending the work an active and social quality. The visitor may choose to use the benches for sitting, or instead observe them as works of sculpture by walking around and through their structures.

Year: 2012

Materials: Powder-coated aluminium

Dimensions Variable


Exhibitions: Stadt. Land. Fluss. Regionale 12, Murau, AT, 2012