7-Dimensional Mirror Mobile

7-Dimensional Mirror Mobile is composed of seven double-sided circular mirrors hanging from a series of gently curved metal bars. The seven mirrors have various diameters and configurations: one consists of a ring enclosing a smaller circle, four hang individually, and two hang together, one on top of the other. Observing the suspended mirror installation as it gradually rotates, viewers are confronted with an unusual perspective of their surroundings, resulting from the overlap and movement of the reflections against the backdrop of the surrounding space. Fragments of the room are suddenly juxtaposed next to or in front of one another; layered images provide views that could not be seen simultaneously with the naked eye, making the surrounding site seem infinite.

Year: 2011
Materials: Mirrors, high-grade steel, steel rope
Dimensions: ø 900 cm; ø mirrors: 2 x 50 cm; 2 x 100 cm; 1 x 60 cm; 2 x 40 cm

Exhibition: I am right here right now, Johann König Gallery, Berlin DE, 2011
Prism Fantasy: New ways to view light, Paradise Art Space, Paradise City, Icheon, KOR, 2019