Rotating Mirror Object II

A mirrored object mounted on the wall rotates slowly around a central axis, reflecting varying light conditions onto the surrounding walls. With each respective movement, the mirrored surfaces reflect sections of the ceiling, floor and walls. As a result, the object creates a disjointed perception of the space, as if the room were perpetually reconstructed by the ever-changing combination of reflected fragments. The abstract composition of line, colour and form is reminiscent of the view through kaleidoscope.

Year: 2013
Materials: mirror, technical apparatus
Dimensions: 141 x 141 x 43 cm



A Smile For You, Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm, SE, 2013

Bikuben, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, USA, 2014 The world was flat, Bildmuseet Umeå University, Umeå, SE, 2015

The world was flat, MAZ Museo de Arte de Zapotan, Mexico, MX, 2016

Ways of Seeing, ARTER Space for art, Istanbul, TR, 2017

Your Way, Château La Coste, Le Puy Sainte Réparade, FR, 2017

Cool, Calm, and Collected, ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Aarhus, DK, 2017

Ways of Seeing, Boghossian Foundation, Brussels, BE, 2017

INHALE-HOLD-EXHALE, Kunstmuseum Thun, CH, 2018