Rotating Mirror I - X

Each Rotating Mirror is composed of a double-sided mirror, though their shapes and surfaces are distinct from one another. Some mirrors are segmented into equidistant lamellae thus creating a lattice-like structure of physical and reflected fragments (I, II, III, VIII). Some have a fragmented surface (VII, IX, X) displaying a view that is reminiscent of the view through a kaleidoscope. Others are oval (V), have an oval cut-out (IV) or consist of a round mirror surrounded ba a larger mirror ring (VI)

Observing the suspended mirror installation as it gradually rotates, viewers are confroted with an unusual perspective of their surroundings, resulting from the movement of the reflections against the backdrop of the surroundings space.

Fragments of the room are suddenly juxtaposed next to or in front of one another; layered images provide views that could not be seen simultaneously with the naked eye, making the surrounding site seem infinite.


Year: 2018

Material: high polished stainless steel, motor unit, stainless steel rope

Dimensions: each ø 47 cm, except Rotating Mirror V: 147 x 80 cm



IN IS THE ONLY WAY OUT, Cisternerne, Copenhagen, DK, 2018
Change Yourself, Politikens Forhal, Copenhagen, DK, 2019
Jeppe Hein, SCAI PARK, Tokyo, JP, 2019