Nothing is as it appears

A small flame flickers behind a square two-way mirror, layered with reflections of the viewers and the surrounding space. Due to the entirely black surrounding, the flame is the focus of attention and piques the viewers' curiosity. Approaching the installation, they discover seemingly countless flames appearing behind the reflective surface.

In fact, 108 flames can be seen when moving from side to side. In Hinduism, Buddhism and other Asian religions, 108 is a sacred number and referred to in several rituals and traditions. Combined with the two-way mirror in front of it, flames and viewers merge into each other, encouraging to reflect on the imagery of 108 flames.

Year: 2020

Material: Powder-coated aluminium, two-way mirror, mirrors, paraffin oil, fiberglass wick

Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 17 cm


Exhibition: Nothing is at it appears, KÖNIG GALERIE, Berlin, DE, 2020