Upside Down

At first glance, Upside Down appears to be an ordinary telescope, reminiscent of the observation telescopes installed at scenic lookouts. By looking into the object lens, viewers become aware that the expected panorama has been somehow altered from reality. Upside Down subverts expectation by reflecting the space in an upside-down orientation. Viewers step back in surprise and take a closer look at their surroundings outside the telescope, hoping to find the aspects they may have overlooked with the naked eye but quickly realizing they do not exist in reality.

Year: 2011
Materials: telescope (powder-coated stainless steel, lenses)
Dimensions variable

Jeppe Hein, 303 Gallery, New York, USA, 2011
30 Künstler / 30 Räume, Neues Museum Nürnberg, DE, 2012
YOU, MOSTYN, Llamdudno, UK, 2013 This Way, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, DE, 2015
Auftrag Landschaft - Auftaktausstellung für Schloss Biesdorf-Zentrum für Kunst und öffentlichen Raum, Berlin, DE, 2016