Mobile Mobile

Four double-sided circular mirrors hang from the ceiling at eye level, separated by enough space to allow visitors to move freely around them. Each mirror turns slowly and subtly around its own vertical axis, while simultaneously rotating as a group around a central axis. The mirrors reflect various perspectives of the surrounding space and enable the viewer to look at different parts of the space at the same time. When the mirror surfaces are aligned, the duplicate reflections extend the space into infinity. Curious to understand the motion of the sculpture, visitors explore beyond the partition only to discover a person pedalling on an exercise bike. Connected to a chain drive and a steel construction, the pedalling of the bike is translated through the wall into the rotational movement of the mobile.

Year: 2010
Materials: exercise bike, steel construction, chain drive, mirrors
Dimensions variable

Exhibition: Milieu Social, Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen, DK, 2010