Sensing the world inside yourself

The book is published on the occasion of the solo show with the Danish artist Jeppe Hein Sensing the world inside yourself at the Museum of Religious Art in Lemvig, Denmark. A variety of voices offer philosophical, art historical, as well as spiritual perspectives on both Jeppe Hein╩╝s work practice and the themes he addresses with his art and in the exhibition. The book also features a sensory experience. The work Smells like … Stillhet (2014) by Jeppe Hein, also featured in the exhibition, is implemented in the catalogue in the form of the scent of silence, requiring readers╩╝ engagement and sense of touch to activate it as well as their sense of smell to experience.

ed. by Signe Kahr Sørensen, Wiebke Petersen & Mauve Weinzierl. Lemvig 2017.
Texts: Signe Kahr Sørensen, Finn Janning, Line Marie Bruun Jespersen, Søren Hauge & Jeppe Hein. English and Danish texts. 
Published by Walther Koenig 
ISBN 9788791691270