Konschthal Esch


18 June – 04 September 2022

Konschthal Esch, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg




Images: Christof Weber


Distance by Jeppe Hein will completely reconfigure Konschthal Esch over several floors. The monumental installation makes a spectacular contribution to the exploration of the architectural and scenographic possibilities of the former furniture store. The work is a site-specific installation that relates directly to the architectural configuration of the exhibition space. Its modular construction with steel rails makes it adaptable to different spatial conditions, and it is mounted in such a way that it runs through the entire building or exhibition space. Thus, the work takes on different forms depending on the spatial conditions of the exhibition space.

Distance invites viewers of all ages to explore the newly created Konschthal. The playful aspect of the installation contributes to the identity formation of the new cultural institution in Esch, as it aims to provide a democratic and barrier-free access to the art of today. When a visitor enters the space, a sensor reacts and releases a sphere that starts moving and running through loops, sharp turns and other dynamic sections on the 800-meter circuit. At first, visitors follow the white plastic sphere as it moves, but as multiple visitors release a new sphere every 15 seconds, they soon lose track of their own sphere and begin to experience the entire architecture as a moving and dynamic structure. The mechanical aspect of this work is reminiscent of Esch's industrial era, an age of machines that is now over.