Water Pavilion Aalborg

The artwork is comprised of two concentric circles of water walls, shooting up from jets embedded in the ground. The water walls randomly rise and fall, defining different configurations of the space by changing shape and appearance every ten seconds. Situated in the museum park, visitors stepping out of the museum are invited to interact with the water pavilion, either as a space for seclusion and relaxation or as a place of joy and playfulness. Visitors find themselves enclosed in ever-changing interior spaces or suddenly pushed to the exterior, without any means to control the confinement or exclusion. When inside the museum, visitors are afforded views of the pavilion through the large windows, establishing a more direct relationship between museum and park.

Year: 2011
Materials: water, iron grating, jets, pumps, sensor
Dimensions: ΓΈ 12,5 m; height: 2,2 m

Permanent installation at KUNSTEN Museum for Modern Art Aalborg, DK, 2011