Three mirror light-objects are installed in the gallery above the entrance of the Sydbank building, between the upper and lower floors of the foyer. The individual objects are aligned with the spaces between the columns on both sides of the foyer that divide the glass façade into slender sections, so that the light-objects can also be seen from outside.
Each object consists of three different sized circles of mirror attached to a metal bar at their centre. The mirror circles each have an inner circle of LED lights that alter their brightness in response to the light-levels inside the building. Whenever somebody moves through the foyer the circles slowly rotate in opposite directions around their own axis.
Their mirrored surfaces reflect the sunlight, the surrounding space and the light of the other mirror light-objects, thus throwing varying light reflections on the surrounding walls.

Year: 2008
Materials: chromed mirror rings, motor technics, control unit, LED system, Perspex
Dimensions: 3 objects, each: ø 2 m

Permanent installation at Sydbank, Aabenraa, DK, 2008