Monsieur Canal

A rushing waterfall veils the entrance of the Canal du Rhône au Rhin. The waterfall is linked to a sensor that reacts to the presence of visitors, hence the waterfall ceases as someone approaches, opening the entrance and allowing the visitor to discover the tunnel – either by boat or by foot, using the foot-bridges on each side of the canal. Inside, a white neon light installation criss-crosses along the tunnel, resembling the light reflections on the water’s surface, the neon itself joins these reflections on the water’s surface. The interval between the light beams running along the length of the tunnel is quite short, thus their repeated rhythm escorts the visitor through the canal.

Year: 2008
Materials: Water fall, neon light installation, cube modules (seats, tables & signs), steel tubes (light & bike stands)

ermanent installation at Rhône-Rhin-Canal, Thoraise, F, 2008