Responding to the diverse requirements and possible uses of the Place Lapérouse, the accessible water pavilion and the overall site are designed to reinterpret the surrounding area and connect the historic city to the new quarter around the theatre. The outline of the water pavilion is inspired by the architecture of Dominique Perrault’s theatre as well as the geometrical pattern found in the ceiling vault of Albi’s cathedral. Three intersecting circles of various sizes create fifteen different constellations that merge seamlessly into one another. The water walls randomly rise and fall allowing passers-by to enter the water pavilion and experience the ever-changing views created by the variations of the enclosure. Visitors discover new perspectives of the city and engage playfully with their surroundings. As a continuation of the circular pattern, gently curving walls divide the site into green spaces and pathways, creating connections between the water pavilion and the surrounding area. Two gradually inclined green areas delineate a path towards the water pavilion, tapering in the direction of the historic city, while a smaller third lawn points to the new quarter. Visitors have the chance to either enjoy the lively activity in the water pavilion or take a moment of rest by lying in the grass or sitting on the walls. By emphasizing a dialogue between these two distinct situations, the plaza takes on a unique social quality.

Year: 2013
Materials: water, jets, pumps, iron grating, stainless steel, nozzles, electrical pumps, programmed control
Dimension: 2,30 x 13,50 x 11,50 m

Permanent installation at Place Lapérouse, Albi, FR