Path of Emotions

Five curved lines of freestanding, rhombic mirror lamellae intertwine to an accessible labyrinth. While the overall height of the mirror labyrinth is even, the height of the landscape inside varies giving the impression that the horizon remains constant while the landscape is moving.


Inspired by the different heights of the local nature with its hills, trees and bushes that make the landscape appear to go up and down, the round shape of the labyrinth refers to the flowering plant yarrow that is be found in the area.


On entering the mirror labyrinth through one of the three entrances, visitors will be sourrounded by head-high mirror lamellae. Inside, the visitors will disappear when the ground is going down and reappear when a hill offers them to overlook the installation from above. People will move within a moving landscape emphasied by the reflective mirrors, thus experiencing their surrounding from uncommon perspectives.

Year: 2018

Material: High polished stainless steel, aluminium

Dimensions: 2.80 x 12.16 x 14.93 m


Permanent installation at Fondation Carmignac, Porquerolles, France