Space in Action - Action in Space

The work is a circular water pavilion with an enclosing wall of water shooting up from jets in the ground. Initially the pavilion looks inaccessible for the viewer, but soon it is evident that the wall of water is divided into sections. When moving close enough to one of them, the visitor activates a sensor that lets this section open. After entry, the water starts flowing again, enclosing the viewer in a space surrounded by walls of water. The work is installed in an open, public space. It activates this space and invites the public to make use of the work, either as a space for seclusion and relaxation or the opposite, a place of pure joy and playfulness.

Year: 2002
Materials: water, wood, iron grating, jets, pumps, sensor
Dimensions: ø 5 m; height: 2,3 m

Museum Lenbachhaus and Kunstbau München, Munich, DE, 2002
50th Venice Biennale, IT, 2003 Præstø, DK, 2006