Invisible Eye

A candle flame flickers behind a round two-way mirror, layered with reflections of the visitors and the surrounding space. A recurring motif in the history of art and a popular vanitas symbol particularly in the baroque period, the candle is used to stage light and dark, representing faith, life and the individual soul as well as the ephemeral qualities of time. Due to the entirely black surrounding, the flame is the focus of attention. Combined with the two-way mirror in front of it, flame and viewer merge into each other, so that the flame appears as a third eye on the viewer’s forehead. Also known as the inner eye, it refers to the spiritual belief in an invisible eye that enables one to perceive the world beyond ordinary sight and symbolizes a certain state of enlightenment.

Year: 2015
Materials: powder-coated aluminium, two-way mirror, powder coated steel, candle
Dimensions: ø 110 x 10 cm

Exhibition: ALL WE NEED IS INSIDE, 303 Gallery, New York, USA, 2015